One inspirational teacher’s ‘Wootube’ channel is making math fun again

For the past decade or so, there’s been a decline in the number of mathematics students in high schools in Australia. But one teacher is giving new life to the subject through his thoroughly engaging YouTube tutorials is Eddie Woo, the man behind WooTube.

A teacher at Sydney’s Cherrybrook Technology High School, Woo has more than 40,000 subscribers not bad for someone whose content is dedicated to explaining concepts like trigonometric equations, inequality proofs, and checksums.

Woo, who will feature on ABC documentary television series Australian Story, explained how he gained a passion for teaching mathematics in university, where he was studying to become a teacher.

He told ABC Radio Melbourne on Monday how his mind “went blank” when he was trying to figure out how to explain first principles, a concept in calculus, as part of a university assignment.

“I sorta could answer the questions, but I just never comprehended it until that moment where I was forced to explain it to my friends, to my fellow university students,” Woo told the station.

“And that’s where I realised if you ask the question of maths ‘why is this important,’ ‘what does it speak to me about the world’ not just ‘how do I answer the question’ then actually, it speaks really deeply to that human desire to understand the world around you and be able to appreciate what makes it work.”

For many students, Woo’s method of teaching has helped suck them into the world of math, a subject which many kids can struggle with.

Also, we’ve always wondered what on earth that number “e” means. Now we know!

More high school teachers like this guy, please.

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Toiletpaper Paradise is the psychedelic, yet mid-century modern aesthetic your Instagram needs

Image: @kirnicholas, instagram

Four words every aesthetic junky wants to hear: “Mad Men on acid.”

What do you say about an interactive gallery with a full sized crocodile, an area rug with a black and white ass on it, spaghetti-print walls and floors, and literally more features than we have space to print? It’s got everything. Everything.

Toiletpaper Magazine’s show Toiletpaper Paradise offers a glimpse into their particular aesthetic, and we’re certainly getting an idea or two of what they’re about.

Curated by Italian photographers Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, the gallery is an extension of the surrealist world they present in Toiletpaper Magazine, a bi-annual publication “that is itself a work of art.”

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Toiletpaper Paradise brings many of their past works to live through textiles, furniture pieces, and home accessories. All is accentuated by midcentury modern furniture grounding the gallery in a kind-of-reality thus, “Mad Men on acid.”

None of it matches. But, as is the case with all my favorite art, it doesn’t matter. It’s working on a lot of levels.

Toiletpaper Paradise is taking place at NYC’s Cadillac House, a, “public meeting place where innovators, creators and the curious can find innovation and one another.” The gallery opened Feb. 9 and will remain on view until April 12.

The gallery is interactive, and people are taking full advantage.

What. #MoreisMore @visionaireworld @cadillac @toiletpapermagazine #ToiletPaperParadise

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Hey, enjoy this visual trailer featuring a rooster exiting someone’ skirt.

It’s sure to be a destination for Instagram aesthetic curators and the “Boyfriends of Instagram” that make all those perfectly stylized pictures possible.

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This is not the time to leave your loudest print at home.

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Have something you wish you could text your ex? Add it to this viral list.

What happens in drafts stays in drafts.
Image: Shutterstock / HBRH

Like any sensible person who’s ever had their heart broken, you probably have a folder of half-cocked texts you’ve considered sending your ex but held back on.

Well, now you can take a peek into humanity’s drafts folders thanks to a viral Google doc with the simple name, “texts i wanna send my ex.”

Select All reports it was created by Sean Drohan on Valentine’s Day, and it’s currently got 540 entries and counting. It’s a real who’s who of twisted human emotions, and lots of them are pictures of pure pain.

There are a lot of them that we’ve likely all felt about someone we’ve ended things with:

“I want to touch you one more time”

“I’m so happy to have loved you and I hope you’re doing well even though it been a couple of years”

Some are satisfyingly victorious:

“I lost 12 lbs without you!”

“I have found someone so much better!”

There are plenty of admissions that will make you sleep with one eye open:

“Sometimes I log into your Netflix account just to see what you have been watching lately. And when I see you are rewatching our favourite show, I am contemplating wether you were watching it alone or introducing it to your new boyfriend. I miss watching shit with you so much.”

“I stole your facebook password and stalked you for at least two years after our breakup. I read almost every chat you wrote until I had enough of your shitty life. P.s.: Go to therapy, alcoholism isn’t funny at all.”

A few are amusing:

“I never told you that I accidentally peed in your bed once while sleeping. And yes, you were lying next to me. Sorry for that, it wasn’t on purpose.”

“You’re such a loser! You created a twitter account for your cat!”

But many are crazy harsh:

“I really was disgusted by your body after a while, I do not know why.”

“I didnt go out for drinks after the 4th of July party. I went home with your brother”

Some are not so much texts as they are novels:

“You’re a fucking sociopath and a pathological liar. You lie to everyone around you and get away with it. I wish I hadn’t wasted almost six years of my life on you, you lying, cheating fuck. You told me that I was the strongest person you knew, and yes, even though it took me forever to get over the shit you pulled and I still doubt whether I can ever trust a guy again, I AM the strongest person you know. You almost succeeded in breaking me, but I’m still here, while you will always be the pathetic, cheating, lying excuse for a man you were in our relationship. I hope that I will never have to see you again. It gives me great pleasure to know that you will treat every single future girlfriend exactly the way you treated me. You’re simply incapable of empathy, honesty and basic humanity. Karma is a bitch; therefore, I just have to believe that at some point, people will start to see through your facade of a charming, funny, successful and popular guy and see you for who you really are. Good luck then, because people will hate and detest the real you.”

And some are just plain perfect:

“Your mother was right. You ARE an asshole.”

Mostly, these will make you realize that there is basically no text that’s worth actually sending.

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Guy expertly infuriates Twitter with ridiculous maths ‘problem’

Excuse me?
Image: twentieth century fox

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

When twitter user @SandalShagger (yes, really) posted a nonsensical statement about children born in 2005, he may not have known how many people it would reach but he certainly knew it would annoy those it did.

Behold: A contender for the world’s most infuriating tweet.

“Let that sink” indeed. It’s like a multi-car pileup of logic, sense and reason. But it doesn’t end there.

Before long the internet did what it does best: Made a messy situation even messier. Some quickly concluded it was a troll move and played along.

But many, many others still fell for it hook, line and sinker.

It didn’t help that @Sandalshagger soon decided to jump back into the fracas and confuse things even further.

That is how the world ends then. Not with a bang, but with total and utter tweet-based chaos.

Eventually, Twitter user @ForensicWow summed it all up quite nicely.

BONUS: This is what happens when you binge-watch Black Mirror

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10 things to do if you get trapped in an infinity scarf

Image: jessye mcgarry/mashable

Remember when it wasn’t exhaustingly cold to take a walk outside? Ah, the sweet sweet days of fall foliage, jack-o’-lanterns chilling on stoops and warm-bodied humans comfortably rocking their fashionable autumnal wardrobe.

But as the sun set on autumn, it rose (kind of late in the day) on bare tree branches, ice patches and puffy coats a.k.a. winter.

After three seasons of sitting in the closet, snow boots are still fairly simple to put on. Ski coats, fresh out of their dry cleaning bags, can be tricky depending on their closures but they’re nothing you can’t handle. When it comes to getting reacquainted with your texting gloves, you have a 50/50 shot of getting it right.

But when you try to reintroduce yourself to winter’s chunky infinity scarves things are bound to get complex and overwhelming. No matter the fabric, each infinity scarf is a continuous, seemingly never-ending piece of material that you will most likely get trapped in.

Here are a few ideas of what to do when you get stuck in an infinity scarf this winter.

1. Stay calm and still.

Moving around in an uncalculated way will cause you to get trapped even further within the scarf’s limitless depths.

2. Look in a mirror and determine if it’s even the right scarf for your outfit.

Does it match? If not, just change your outfit and leave the scarf on forever.

3. Grab the scarf with both hands and move them up and down.

This will put the scarf into a new position that may be easier to get out of (but it may be just as confusing).

4. Invite a few friends over for wine.

Maybe getting a few more pairs of hands up in there will help un-trap you.

5. Throw some water into the mix.

Channel your inner Katie Ledecky, jump into a pool, and see if your scarf floats to the top and off of your head.

6. Get a Rubik’s cube and try to unscramble it.

Accomplishing that will give you the confidence to unscramble your infinity scarf.

7. Tweet at David Blaine.

He has escaped from many traps on par with infinity scarves, so he may have some ideas.

8. Cry.

The scarf might start to feel bad for you and make something happen.

9. Go to Forever 21 and beg a dressing room attendant for help.

They’ve seen it all.

10. If all else fails, find scissors and cut it off.

Now it’s just a regular scarf.

Happy winter!

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